Bike Rental System

Our Bike Rental system is easy to use and makes managing your fleet a breeze.

Setup your time slots, add your models and inventory and start taking reservations online, in the shop (Kiosk) and over the phone. Don’t ever worry about double booking, or running out of stock. Our calendar gives you a complete view of your inventory.

The checkout is simple for your customers and includes “Paperless Waivers” to eliminate your paper storage system. See our in Shop Kiosk to see how easy it is to manage your walk-in traffic.


  • Online Reservations & In-Store Kiosk Reservations works with any PC, tablet or phone
  • Organize products and control inventory by creating Categories and Attributes
  • Control “Time Slots” you use for booking (½ day, Full day, Multi-day)
  • Paperless waivers built in during booking
  • Allow customer to add multiple rental items before checkout
  • Calendar view to easily see what is booked and what is available – able to sort by category or attribute
  • Real-time reservation editing (Date, time, products, add-ons, etc.) to meet customer changes
  • Manage payments, deposits, save cards and refunds in a PCI compliant method
  • Deep reporting tools that give insight into your rental business
  • Communicate with customers via email and SMS messaging


Startup: $500

Monthly: $75